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Honeymoon Safari to Serengeti and Beyond

By March 23, 2020September 1st, 2021Safari
Honeymoon Safari

Looking for honeymoon inspiration? Kick off your marriage on an adventurous safari in Tanzania, bringing you eye to eye with the world’s most majestic wildlife on the world’s richest savannah.

We have had the pleasure of organizing many honeymoon holidays, and recently had one of our couples share their experience with us. To put it in their words, “the entire experience was a trip of a lifetime. The wildlife was even more incredible than we could have imagined.”

They have given us a sneak peek into the beautiful adventure that is a safari.

When we first entered the park I was excited we spotted a baboon way off in the distance barely visible with binoculars. I then quickly realized they are everywhere in the park, and not at all shy.”


During the evening we were able to track down two cheetahs – mom and cub – in the open plains. Just after that we went to a pride of 19 lions (6 lionesses, 12 cubs, and a nearby lion) sleeping in the open fields with some jackals nearby.”

I don’t know how many thousands (tens of thousands?) of zebra we saw, but I never got tired of watching them. We were there during the calving season of the great migration, so there were many foals around, just a few days old.”


On the way back to Ngorongoro we passed the original lion kill (zebra) we saw first thing in the morning. Just as we got there (to the lion kill), there were dozens (maybe a hundred) vultures in the air, trees and on the ground waiting for their turn. Our timing was incredible, as we got there the lioness left the zebra and the vultures all swarmed it.”


Wake up. Eat breakfast. Spend the day driving around beautiful landscapes where you never know what surprise lays around every corner. Marvel at the wildlife. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat. I am ready to go back when you are Leanne.”

Click here to see their itinerary and see Karl’s Instagram for more beautiful pictures @Karlwoll!

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