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We’ll help you to select places to stay that best suit you

The safari circuit is dotted with unique and beautiful accommodations suited to travelers of all kinds.

On Pristine Trails safaris, accommodations are categorized into four tiers, catering to a range of budgets and tastes. We will help select the best options for you and your custom trip.
In each of the tiers, there are both traditional hotels and tented camps and lodges available. Hotels are brick and mortar properties, with a true wall separating you from the outside. You will find manors, cottages and gorgeous five-star hotels.

Tented camps and lodges have all the comforts of a hotel room, housed under a large walk-in canvas tent. These are generally small and intimate properties. Tented lodges are permanent, built on solid platforms, where you will find amenities like spas and swimming pools. Tented camps are designed to have a minimal impact on the environment; some are even mobile, following the wildebeest migration throughout the year.

We will help you to choose the right accommodations, combining comfort and luxury, for your once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Our standard tier accommodations entail tented camps and permanent lodges with clean and simple rooms and en-suite bathrooms. Meals are often buffet-style, with the option to cater to various dietary preferences. It goes without saying that electricity, flush toilets, and mesh-screened windows are all part of the package to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your stay. Make yourself at home in your front-row seat in the veranda as you soak up every sight and sound of nature’s magnificent spectacle playing out before your very eyes.

Mid-Range accommodations offer en-suite rooms with special attention to the design and your comfort. Think hints of Africa throughout the decor, upgraded linens and bathroom amenities. Swimming pools are commonly found at these properties. The menus are diverse and come with plated meals and a dedicated wait staff to grant you an introduction to Africa’s exquisite cuisine and continental menus. Choose to spend your safari nights in a camp or lodge under canvas walls – properties usually small in size – for a more intimate feel, encouraging you to slow down and take your time to enjoy birdwatching or stargazing from the comfort of your beautifully designed tent. The friendly staff will be awaiting you with a glass of the region’s finest wines after a remarkable safari. Gather around the fire with your travel companions as you reminisce on the day’s adventures with the mountains as your backdrop.

Luxury accommodations include boutique tented camps sleeping only a few guests, as well as larger hotels and lodges with exceptional locations and impeccable amenities and service. Enjoy an afternoon horse riding or playing golf, and dress up for dinner in the inviting dining room, where you’ll have your chair pulled back and a private chef is happy to take care of your every culinary whim. Spa and pool facilities are all part of the picture, just like the chic boutique stores and designated business spaces. Lean back with an appetizing sundowner cocktail in hand, shaded by the signature African Acacia trees, reminding you there’s plenty to explore and experience throughout the duration of your stay, whether that translates to a visit to a coffee plantation or a more adventurous game drive to observe the mesmerizing wildlife from up close.

Accommodations in the exclusive tier are a collection of carefully curated and award-winning properties, tucked away in exclusive locations such as private game reserves. Situated off the beaten track, they remain unexplored by the general tourist population. Nevertheless, the lodges are held to the highest standard in the sphere of worldwide hospitality. Whether you’re swept away by the avant-garde design, or the grandiosity of the estates and the vast savannah surrounding them, these hidden gems embody Africa’s best-kept secrets. They offer everything you’d expect to find in Tanzania, paired with pastimes you might enjoy engaging in at home, such as playing tennis, pampering yourself with a rejuvenating wellness day or spending an hour at the gym. The signature handcrafted details in every property add that special touch, all while treating you to breathtaking views over the volcanos and grasslands that might just make you believe you have the world all to yourself for a short moment in time.

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