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Festive season gift guide: Gifts from Tanzania with purpose

By December 21, 2021Pristine Cares, Tanzania

This holiday season, you may be dreaming of an adventure – a return trip or a first-time visit – to distant places like Serengeti’s pristine wilderness, walking above the clouds on Mt. Kilimanjaro or strolling barefoot on Zanzibar’s white sand beaches.

This holiday season we would like to highlight some gift ideas that will allow you to travel vicariously to Tanzania while giving back to communities there.

Carbon Tanzania | Support Indigenous People & Keep A Tree Standing

A Tanzanian social enterprise that empowers local communities to realize value from the sustainable management of their natural resources. Their targeted projects generate verified carbon offsets which are sold on the voluntary market. Revenue is paid directly to local communities who have autonomy on how money is used. Most communities spend revenue on needs such as accessing health services and investing in education. The impact of this system directly meets key Sustainable Development Goals. This holiday season buy a loved one(s) a gift certificate. Each certificate protects one tree for one year, preventing the release of one ton of carbon dioxide. and comes with a unique GPS reference for your tree.

Sidai Designs | Modern, Handmade, Accessories With A Story

Sidai collaborates with Maasai women in Tanzania to create handmade contemporary jewelry and homewares. Sidai aims to provide economic opportunity to Maasai women and girls by helping them to produce high quality beaded designs using traditional techniques of their tribe. Their work aims to preserve traditional Maasai beading techniques while elevating traditional methods giving them a contemporary aesthetic appeal. Explore their handmade products and help support Maasai women in Tanzania.

Knock Foundation | Give The Gift of Education

Give the gift of education this holiday season. Our favorite charity, Knock Foundation does amazing work in Tanzania supporting underprivileged children attain quality education by providing scholarships. Many students Knock began supporting 14 years ago are now studying in universities around Tanzania. Knock Foundation is a 501c3. Make a donation in honor of a family member and present them with a donation letter bearing their name.

WomenCraft | Fair Trade Handmade Home Décor

Is a Fair Trade certified social enterprise in Northern Tanzania with a goal to increase economic opportunity in post conflict, tri-border area of Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania. It brings rural women together facilitating their growth and connecting their artistry to the world. Support these women by purchasing their beautiful collections of woven baskets and homeware.

Sifa Threads| Good Conscience Shopping

Sifa invests in equipping women so that they can become successful business owners who in turn will invest in their communities. They use Tanzania textiles and upcycled fabric to create beautiful things designed with purpose. The products are 100% handmade. Shop their online store for beautiful clothing, homeware, and accessories.

Remembering Wildlife Books | Wildlife Charity Books for Your Home

This lovely coffee table book features beautiful images donated by more than 80 acclaimed wildlife photographers. The idea is that sales from this book support conservation efforts. What started off as an initiative to take action after seeing a poached elephant in Northern Kenya in 2014, has transpired into annual campaigns spanning titles Remembering Elephants, Remembering Lions, Remembering Great Apes, Remembering Rhinos, Remembering Cheetahs and currently Remembering African Wild Dogs. The purpose is to raise awareness of a plight facing a species but also to raise funds to protect it.

Wishing you a happy festive season! 

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