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Kilimanjaro – What happens when I get to camp?

By May 13, 2021September 1st, 2021Tanzania, Safari

After a day of hiking mount kilimanjaro, you arrive at the campsite, where the crew will have set up the camp and have your sleeping tent ready and waiting for you.

On most hiking days, you will arrive at camp by mid-day or early afternoon, with plenty of down time before the evening.

So, what can you do with all this time?

Wash Up and Get Organized

After a day of trekking mount kilimanjaro, you will long to refresh and wash off the dirt and sweat from the day. A basin of warm water and soap are provided at the campsite for you to do just that. You will also have access to the portable toilet we provide, to avoid using the public long drop toilets. You will also be able to unpack your day pack, clear out any trash from the day and repack it for the next day.


After a day of being on your feet, you will need to rest. Take off your boots and throw on some comfortable sandals or sneakers. Lay down in your tent for an hour or two, put your feet up and close your eyes. Resting lets the body recover and further helps you acclimatize.

Briefing & Health Check

Your guides will twice daily conduct a health check of your heart rate, pulse, oxygen saturation and lungs. They will also spend some time briefing you about the day ahead with recommendations about your clothing and information about hiking distances and expected trail conditions.


Take a load off at the table and chairs set up in your private mess tent. You will be served hot, delicious meals at camp and snacks in the afternoons. Meals and snacks are accompanied by hot beverages such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate, and of course plenty of drinking water. Your waiter, who attends to your needs in the mess tent, will also refill your water bottles. It is important to hydrate to prevent altitude sickness.


During the first two days, your guides will take the opportunity to introduce the entire crew to you. This is a fun song and dance event that is sure to leave a smile. I recommend bringing a deck of cards and learning the local card game, Last Card, from your crew.

Beyond your crew, there are climbers from all corners of the world on Kilimanjaro.

While at camp, you will have time to chat with fellow hikers in your own group, meet the members of your crew and even strike up conversations with hikers from other groups. Some of the best friendships can be made on this mountain.

Get Some “Me Time”

When at camp you will have time to relax. You can amble around camp taking in the scenery, read a book, do some yoga, journal about your experience, or opt to go on a short walk to acclimatize. Remember to charge your electronics, such as cameras and e-readers, with a power bank or solar charger.

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