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Pristine Trails offers a 100% Refundable Booking option for stress-free bookings during what continues to be uncertain times. If you are still feeling cautious about making travel plans, you are not alone. Read on below for details and contact us to book your trip today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Refundable Booking?

The Refundable Booking option gives you eligibility for a 100% refund if you can no longer attend your trip and can evidence one of the many reasons included, such as COVID-19 infection, isolation, family illness, sickness and home emergency. Please read the full Refundable Booking Terms and Conditions.

Q: Is the Refundable Booking option the same as travel insurance?

No. The Refundable Booking option complements any travel insurance you purchase. It is similar to having the option when booking a flight to make it refundable under certain conditions. This is in addition to any travel insurance you may purchase. Once the trip begins, a refund application can no longer be made.

Some travel insurance policies do provide pre-trip cancellation coverage. Still, you should check the terms of the Refundable Booking and compare to your intended travel insurance product to see whether you need one or both. You should also ensure any pre-trip product is purchased within the allowed window relative to the booking date.

Q: Can I change to a Refundable Booking after I have paid my deposit?

No, the Refundable Booking option can only be selected prior to paying the deposit for your trip.

Q: Can I purchase the Refundable Booking option for only part of my trip?

No, the Refundable Booking option must be applied to the entire trip.

Q: Do I have to pay the entire Refundable Booking fee upfront?

No, you will only pay the fee on the installment you are paying at the time.

Q: How do I request a refund if I have purchased the Refundable Booking option?

To apply for a refund, you will contact the refund team directly. Refunds must be requested no more than 60 days after the intended trip start date.

Q: What are the reasons I can request a refund if I have purchased the Refundable Booking option?

Please note this is not a “cancel-for-any-reason” service, but rather covers a variety of emergency/unforeseen circumstances that might prevent you from attending your trip. You can view the comprehensive Terms and Conditions list here.

Q: How long will it take for me to get my refund?

Refunds are promised within a window of 48-72 hours from the time the application is submitted. However, on average, valid refund requests are paid out within 4-7 hours as long as all required documentation is included.

Q: Can I request a refund if I change my mind about going on my trip?

No, you may only request a refund on your Refundable Booking if your circumstances meet the list of approved reasons. Change of mind is not an approved reason.

Q: If I don’t choose the Refundable Booking option, what is the cancellation and refund policy?

If you do not make your booking refundable, your booking will be subject to the Pristine Trails payment and cancellation policy, detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

A deposit of 30% for each person is required to confirm a booking. The booking fee is accepted as part of the inclusive fare. Half of each person’s deposit (equal to 15% of the total booking price) is non-refundable.

The refund policy outlining the cancellation fee payable by the traveler to Pristine Trails is as follows:

> 90 days: 15% of total trip price
89-61 days: 50% of total trip price
60-0 days: 100% of total price

Q: What if my trip is cancelled or rescheduled by Pristine Trails?

In the unlikely event a trip is canceled by Pristine Trails, the process for a refund will be managed by Pristine Trails. You do not need to request a refund on your Refundable Booking if your trip is cancelled or rescheduled by Pristine Trails.

If you booked your trip on or before 25 April 2022, your booking is subject to the payment terms of our prior Flexible Booking Policy.

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