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ENRICHING YOUR SAFARI: Part 1 – Hot Air Balloon Safari

By July 29, 2020September 1st, 2021Tanzania, Safari
Hot Air Balloon

In addition to the beautiful and one-of-a-kind game driving central to any wildlife safari, there are a wealth of other activities available to enhance your experience. A Pristine Trails safari is designed specifically around you and your party’s interests and can therefore include any number of these. We will be highlighting some of these experiences over the coming weeks, starting with the magical hot air balloon safari over the plains of Serengeti National Park.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

A balloon ride over the Serengeti’s savannah plains offers a show as diverse, if not more, than that of a game drive in your safari vehicle. From the balloon’s vantage point, you can appreciate the Serengeti’s majestic scale and get a relaxed perspective, different from that of the more narrow confines of the roads and your vehicle.

Balloon flights are offered in multiple locations in the Serengeti depending on the season, with year-round availability in the Seronera region. The primary goal of the other locations is to offer the experience as close to the wildebeest migration as possible.

This adventure begins with a pre-dawn pick-up from your lodge or camp and takes you to the balloon launch site. Here you will meet your pilot who will take you through an important safety briefing in preparation for your flight, after which you will climb into the basket. The basket is divided into multiple compartments, carrying up to 16 guests in total (fewer guests per balloon during the Covid-19 pandemic).

Firing up the balloons for lift off

You will launch just as the sun starts to rise over the horizon, floating higher and higher over the beautiful national park below. The flight is a journey dictated by the winds, each trip being a mystery in that you know where you started but not where you will land. Your pilot masters the winds while interpreting wildlife unfolding with the sunrise down below. Enjoy the most spectacular bird’s eye view of the vistas and wildlife on the ground.

A bloat of hippopotamus basking in the morning sun

Zebras out and about on a morning run

After an hour or so you will return to the grass plains where you will be welcomed with a celebration of bubbly, as is tradition. You will then proceed to a special spot for a hot and fresh hearty bush breakfast. From there, jump back into your vehicle with your Pristine Trails guide and continue with the day’s game drive, having had an indelible experience with memories to last a lifetime.

A celebratory breakfast feast in the bush awaits

Photo op with the balloon pilot

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